Open cane webbing for repairing cane chairs and bentwood chairs (60cm width)

TH-1/2-60-S Naturtrend

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Classic cane webbing is offered by Naturtrend Shop online, which can be used to repairing cane chairs. The mark of the open cane webbing is TH-1/2-60-S. Where S mean a 60 cm wide, extremely strong cane webbing roll, in which the repetition of the pattern is ½ col. It can also be used to make rattan wall protectors or rattan radiator cover, door insert and rattan partition or sliding closet doors.

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£ 49.60 tax incl.

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How cane webbing named?

It is certainly difficult to navigate between the names. The most important thing is to separate the rattan weaving materials into full and pitted or perforated cane webbing. A full or closed cane webbing made of the core of the rattan usually. From the skin of the rattan manufacture for example, our present TH-1/2-60-S open cane webbing. It is the stronger, natural shiny product.

What may the open cane webbing use for, is it only for caned chair?

The more commonly known name as cane webbing as a perforated rattan weaving is seat part of bentwood chairs and other rocking chairs in period furniture. Today the open cane webbing also used to make the caned chair. This cane webbing is still used today for chair seat webbing but because it is a well-ventilated material, it is also excellent for rattan radiator cover and rattan cupboard door, cane webbing wallpaper and rattan sheet.

How can you repairing cane chairs at home?

The bentwood chairs repair can also be done at home. If you feel you have enough want for this demanding job, we will send you a DVD that will guide you step by step through the repair process. The process of repairing cane chairs are not difficult one to a practitioner DIY people. You can give new life to your high-value period furniture.

What does it mean the letters in TH-1/2-60-S?

This cane webbing is 60cm wide and a brief interpretation of the letters in the product

  • S - Superior quality, especially strong, for the best open cane webbing
  • N - Normal, first-class product, less loadable, rattan radiator cover and door insert and back part of the chair
  • D - Decor quality, white, sold at reasonable prices.

How do I get discounted cane webbing?

The cane webbing roll material we offer can be purchased rattan by the metre, we sell as low as 0,4m lenght. The length of the full roll is 15.24 m. When buying a whole cane webbing roll, we provide you with two benefits: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we free postage.