Wood trellis from pine

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Wood lattice panels are a great way to update the look of wine cabinets, closet storage and accent doors throughout your home and in your garden. Naturtrend stocks sanded and ready to finish lattice style door inserts in high quality.

In standard dimensions: 65cm x 125cm

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42,00 € tax incl.

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Material Jelovina
Surface Natur
Rod width 10 mm
Thickness of the rod 2,5 mm
Thickness of the product 5 mm
Hole side lenght 10 mm
Tilt of the hole 45

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Our wooden lattice panels are available in two colours, a light and a dark brown. Both shades are fine grain without a dominant pattern. As it is supplied in its natural form it can be stained, waxed, lacquered, varnished or even painted at will. The wicker rods are glued to each joining point with an invisible adhesive. Both sides of the wooden lattice panels are equally elaborated and decorative which makes it easier to use. The rods are 11mm wide x 2mm thick, with an inclination of 45° the hole size of the grid is 14mm. The overall thickness is 4mm.

In standard dimensions: 65cm x 125cm

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