Square shape wood appliques with acanthus leaf carving


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The square shape corner ornament with acanthus leaf carving RK-214 has a charming pattern with angular acanthus leaves. They can use in many ways as wood appliques decoration in the house. The period style wood carving we offer in 3 different sizes made of exotic wood. They do a good job beautifying furniture, doors or chests. Since they are untreated, they can be further treated at will.

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£ 1.70 tax incl.

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Material Exota light
Surface Without tratement

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These wood appliques are made of exotic wood. The beautiful wood carving with acanthus leaf moulding can be used very well for wood restorers. But for DIY crafts also, restoring antique furniture or furniture making at home. Or even furniture renovation if you want to give the room a unique, special look. These wooden ornaments UK have untreated surfaces and can be freely painted or varnished.
The Naturtrend wood carving shop now offers you a fair price.
The acanthus leaf carving was an ornamental element used since ancient times. It is a plant with a prickly leaf, of Greek origin, meaning prickly. It is the most characteristic ornament of the ancient Greek Corinthian colonnade but was also favoured by the Renaissance and Baroque. Gothic replaced it with domestic plants. The classicist style has returned to antique architecture, with the acanthus leaf once again in its heyday.
Naturtrend offers you decorations for your home, not only for doors, front door or gateway. But on our website, you will find elements for making decorative wood panels for windows and beds and headboards as well. Notice that these carvings are not only suitable for classical, solid wood double beds, but any single bed, cot or crib. The looks of these pieces of furniture can be refreshed with our recommended wood carvings as corner ornament. Indeed, a carving looks great on a period piece bed, but the two ends of a crib closed by a graceful bow shaped custom carving will enhance it with a noble look.