Delivery fees and conditions

Our company handles the delivery of packages with subcontracted courier services, the cost of delivery will be indicated during the ordering process.

Packaging fee: 5 EUR / package. If the total value of the product or products included in the order reaches 20 EUR, then the packaging fee will not be charged. Additional shipping costs may apply when purchasing a product longer than 165 cm.

Our company may deviate from the above stated shipping fees, for example, shipping is free if you buy a whole roll. If additional costs arise due to the size of the package or the difficult accessibility of the delivery address, our salesperson will always notify you before finalizing the contract.

Among the courier services contracted with our company, we choose the one that delivers at the most favorable price for the size and scope of the package. If you specifically insist on a delivery company, please contact us in advance and we will consider your request if possible (this may result in a higher price than the advertised delivery price, but we will provide you with accurate feedback).


Courier companies contracted with our company

Fedex, Expressone, GLS, (Packeta), UPS, TNT, DPD

Important shipping information and times, package damage

Packages are delivered only on working days, typically between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you are not at home during this time period, it is advisable to enter a delivery address where you can be reached, e.g. enter a work address. The courier service typically makes two delivery attempts. The cost of delivery and return of packages not received will be charged to the customer! We are only able to resend a package, if the package's value has been transferred in advance! Courier services within Hungary typically deliver the package on the next working day, but unfortunately there are periods when this may take longer.

Our company does not assume financial responsibility for direct or indirect financial damage resulting from delayed delivery by courier services, if it can be proven that the package(s) were delivered to the courier service at the time agreed by us.

If the courier service cannot find your package and cannot deliver it for a period of 3 weeks, we will declare it lost and resend the package if you still need it. If not, presuming you transferred in advance, we will return your money in full.

Upon delivery, please inspect the package before the courier and ask for a report if there is any damage to the package. If the damage to the packaging is significant, do not accept the package. If the damage is minor, file a report and take a photo of it.

Courier services have insurance for damages and loss of packages. However, in case of a possible damage to the package, the transport companies are only willing to pay if it can be proven that the package was damaged during transport. Our company takes pictures of each product/package before and after packaging. If you do not notice any damage to your package when you receive it, but it turns out during unpacking that the product is damaged, then take a few pictures of it in this half-unpacked state from different directions and send these photos to us so that we can proceed with your insurance claim.

Damages can also happen during unpacking. A typical mistake is to open the package with a sharp wallpaper cutter and cut the product by accident (e.g. the threads of bamboo blinds). Neither we nor the courier service is responsible for such damages. Please open the package with care.

Mold formation: During the winter, when the packages are moved from the cold car to a warmer room or apartment, condensation can form under the packaging material. To prevent this, please open the package within 24 hours after receiving it.